Colonel David Giammona and Troy Anderson's #1 Bestselling Book Series

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Colonel David Giammona and Troy Anderson's #1 Bestselling Book Series

Welcome to our books page showcasing the books by Battle Ready Ministries President Col. David Giammona and Vice President Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist Troy Anderson - the #1 bestsellers The Military Guide to Armageddon and The Military Guide to Disarming Deception, along with their latest book, Your Mission in God’s Army (April 16, 2024).

Read free excerpts from the Chosen Books/Baker Publishing Group books at:

At Battle Ready Ministries, our mission shines with clarity: to fortify and empower the body of Christ, equipping every believer to conquer the challenges of these last days. As followers of Christ, we embrace the inevitability of trials, knowing that through unwavering faith and obedience to Jesus, we emerge victorious.

Embark on a transformative journey of spiritual enlightenment and empowerment with us. Dive deep into the profound wisdom encapsulated within our #1 bestselling Christian books, meticulously penned by our esteemed founders, retired U.S. Army Chaplain (Col.) David Giammona and five-time #1 bestselling FaithWords, Chosen Books and Salem Books author Troy Anderson. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of faith, uncovering the keys to triumphant living amidst a world fraught with trials and tribulations.

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In life's crucible, trials spare no one, irrespective of wealth, status, or influence. Yet, anchored in obedience and the steadfast hope found in Jesus, we rise above adversity. That's why our founders, Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson, have crafted a series of powerful #1 bestselling Christian books:

1. The Military Guide to Armageddon: Battle-Tested Strategies to Prepare Your Life and Soul for the End Times

🎈 Get Battle-Ready! Order The Military Guide to Armageddon now! 🎈Order now and equip yourself with powerful strategies to navigate the end times! 📚🛡️

In this book, Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson equip believers with military and spiritual warfare tactics to counter the darkness of end-times forces. Readers will learn to develop spiritual gifts, move into a new level of spiritual warfare, and study the Bible more intently as real-time world events and biblical prophecies intersect.

The Military Guide to Armageddon

We Are At War Right Now. Get the #1 bestseller The Military Guide to Armageddon by Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson.

2. The Military Guide to Disarming Deception: Time Is Running Out-Are You Battle Ready?

🎈 Order the #1 bestseller The Military Guide to Disarming Deception now! 🎈Equip yourself with powerful tactics to stand against the rampant deceptions of the enemy. Don't wait! 📚🛡️

Col. David J. Giammona and Troy Anderson provide insights to recognize and resist propaganda and deceptive ideologies infiltrating the Church and society. Readers will be equipped with military and spiritual tactics to stand against the devil's rampant deceptions and be a light to a world in darkness.

The Military Guide to Disarming Deception

Can you handle the truth? Get the #1 bestseller The Military Guide to Disarming Deception by Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson.  

3. Your Mission in God's Army: Discovering and Completing Your Faith-Filled Assignment before Christ's Return

🎈 Order Your Mission in God's Army today! 🎈Discover your divine assignment and equip yourself for the battle ahead. Don't miss out! 📚🙏

Retired U.S. Army Colonel David Giammona and Troy Anderson initiate readers into God's army, highlighting the urgency and divine opportunity of these difficult days. Through biblical instruction, readers will discern their divine destiny, develop spiritual gifts, walk in supernatural power, and find their place in the greater mission to help bring in the end-times harvest.

Your Mission in God’s Army

Get ready for a transformative journey of faith with Your Mission in God's Army. Discover and fulfill your unique purpose before Christ's return in this powerful paperback, releasing on April 16, 2024 from Chosen Books/Baker Publishing Group. Pre-order now and equip yourself with the spiritual tools needed to become a faithful soldier in God's divine plan.

Pre-order your copy of Your Mission in God’s Army today!

These books are designed to empower you to navigate these turbulent end times, equipping you with the tools you’ll need to emerge victorious with the help of the Holy Spirit. Join us on this journey of faith and empowerment as we prepare for the battles ahead. Join Adonai’s Army and help bring in what our friend Pastor Paul Begley calls the “Great Harvest Revival.”

Jesus said in Matthew 9:37-28, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Order inspirational and transformative works today and equip yourself for victory, learning how to walk in the supernatural power, protection and provision of the Holy Spirit, clothed with “power from on high” (Luke 24:49).

Join us as we journey together towards a future filled with faith, strength, and triumph in preparation for our “blessed hope” (Titus 2:13) and the glorious return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Col. David J. Giammona

  1. U.S. Army chaplain Colonel David J. Giammona is an end-times expert, scholar, author, writer, speaker, host of FrontLine and president of Battle Ready Ministries. Find out more at Continue reading about Col. David J. Giammona.

Troy Anderson

  1. Troy Anderson is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, #1 bestselling co-author of The Babylon Code, Trumpocalypse, The Military Guide to Armageddon, The Military Guide to Disarming Deception and Revelation 911, vice president and COO of Battle Ready Ministries and founder of the Inspire Literary Group, a premier ghostwriting and editorial services company. Find out more at and Continue reading about Troy Anderson.

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Rise Up, Warriors of God: Answering the Call to Battle with the Battle Ready Mindset

Dear Battle Ready warriors, brothers, and sisters in Christ,

In the vast arsenal of spiritual weaponry, these books stand not as mere readings but as potent field manuals, heralding the impending revival and revolution of the Church. Dive into their pages during your quiet moments of reflection, invite fellow warriors to embark on the journey with you, or gather your Bible study group to study their profound insights. Spread the word like wildfire—recommend them to your pastors and organize speaking events with us.

Amidst the crucible of 2024 and beyond, let us advance with the unwavering resolve of a Battle Ready mindset, fully armed and prepared to confront every challenge head-on. As a united community, let us navigate life's battlefield and emerge victorious, for we are the valiant warriors of Battle Ready Ministries.

Prepare for the fray, Warriors. Victory awaits.

With Authority,

Let the call to action resound. The drumbeat of the Battle Ready mindset echoes, and you, brave warriors, are summoned to rise.

1. Read the Books:

If you haven't delved into the wisdom contained within these tomes, seize the opportunity. For those who have, revisit the pages anew, revitalizing your spirit. These are not just books; they are timeless companions, steadfast reminders to stay Battle Ready.

2. Share with Your Circles:

Extend the reach of this arsenal. Share with friends, within your congregations, and among your circles. Let the wisdom permeate and fortify the hearts of those around you.

3. Extend the Invitation:

Welcome the architects of wisdom, Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson, into your spheres. Invite them to speak, igniting the flame of Battle Readiness within your community. Whether in your churches or on your platforms, let their voices resonate.

Media Blitz: Media serves as a potent battleground. Invite them to your interviews, podcasts, and shows. Unleash Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson’s insights to a wider audience, empowering more warriors with the Battle Ready mindset.

4. Social Media Uprising:

Harness the digital realm as a battlefield of its own. Spread the word far and wide. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—let the Battle Ready message reverberate through the vast expanse of social media. Utilize your platforms to inspire and embolden.

5. Engage in Dialogue:

Let the wisdom within these books ignite meaningful conversations. Engage with fellow warriors, with friends, and even with those who have yet to join our ranks. The more minds fortified, the stronger our collective Battle Ready front becomes.

Warriors, your mission is crystal clear: disseminate the message, amplify the Battle Ready call, and fortify our ranks. Together, let us rise as an indomitable force, Battle Ready and victorious.

With Unyielding Resolve and Strength,

Troy Anderson, Vice President and COO of Battle Ready Ministries
Col. David Giammona, President and CEO of Battle Ready Ministries

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