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Evolution vs. God | FrontLine: Battle Ready Network (Episode #12)

By Col. David Giammona, Troy Anderson and Pastor Coco Perez

In this video, FrontLine hosts Col. David Giammona, Troy Anderson and Pastor Coco Perez discuss “Evolution vs. God,” as detailed in chapter ten - “Intellectual Deception: Technology, Evolution and UFOs” - of Giammona and Andersons's new #1 bestseller, The Military Guide to Disarming Deception: Battlefield Tactics to Expose the Enemy's Lies and Triumph in Truth (Chosen Books/Baker Publishing Group).

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Trusting God - Daily Devotion


Dear Heavenly Father,  

We come to you from the midst of a broken world where nations use weapons against nations and your children are the innocent victims of violence. We pray for peace. 

Please share Your wisdom with the leaders of the world who continue to stockpile dangerous weapons, giving other countries the incentive to do the same, despite their commitment to the Nuclear-Non-Proliferation Treaty.   

We pray for the ability to overcome our brokenness, cooperating, instead of competing, across borders and boundaries.So many communities have been left in ruins as a result of the destruction of war. We pray for the healing and rebuilding of communities torn apart by war and violence. 
Dear ABBA Father, we pray that you would inspire the world leaders and people to maintain peace in the world. Help us call our leaders to accountability and to remind them that more weapons and war do not bring peace. Let them learn the lessons of the past, and not use nuclear weapons. 

Where there is hatred, let us all sow love. May our love for each other and for all of your creation leave no place for nuclear war. Please bring hope to those in despair and healing and pardon to the injured. 

May we create paths to dialogue, understanding and reconciliation. Where there is doubt, let us foster faith in You. Please let the weapons fall from the controllers’ hands and know that you are God. 

May our lives reflect your love in the face of violence, knowing that love is stronger than death. With you all things are possible. Choices of peace are possible.Please shine your light in the darkness.Please help and guide us to bring your joy of the Gospel to the sadness. Make us a peaceful people in a peaceful world.   

In Jesus' mighty name we pray together here at Battle Ready Ministries' community,  Amen.


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