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Great discussion. Replacement theology – the tentacles got ahold of the education system, and they spent billions in the 1950’s to advocate evolution as a fact when it is nothing of fact. They killed the idea of a great God and replaced it with this “theory” and now look how they are slowly/incrementally inserting subliminal ideology of aliens…which may just be of demonic dark spirit? The closer I get to nature the more I realize there is no way this is by evolution. Science is the study of things that God has made. Evolution is a hoax gamble more outrageous to believe than creationism. Then the remnant question evolutionary cannot and will never be able to know what out God knows is then who created the matter to allow the big bang. Meanwhile people cannot see the blatant connections they know with CERN and the satanic ceremonies and that technology which will enable the prophetic bridging of the spirt word, especially Rev 9:11 Laws of physics is a system of chaos? How is it that the micro advances in human understanding think we even have a clue...slowly moving towards knowledge all the way to the point of the first nano second just before the command "Let there be light". But scientists cannot tell you that moment how the light was created. Lastly, I plead my friends take a look at the current situation and matrix it against the prophecies and the path we are on. The common fellow squabbling and bickering on the little tits for tats.... Republican or Democrat it doesn’t matter as it seems we are on a path and that path was foretold exactly as you have described in the Battle-Ready Ministry series...if we follow the money to the elite and the entire world is being deceived by the elite. Meanwhile I'm voting for Jesus. Thanks, and keep up the great work to help Decipher the Deceptions.

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