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Agree - maybe not exactly on that day.... a possible topology to transpose to this scenario to the Jonah prophecy. We can also see ion the decline of America (America possibly identified as one of the young–lions of Tarshish (Ezek.38:13)), paralleled to the incremental abandonment of Israel, it will come to a state and "the young lions (Eng. Colonies & USA), will not be able to/or will not support in defense of Israel. They will only question helplessly."

Watch Alert: The timing of the Gog-of-Magog Ezek. 38 invasion indicates it will happen “in that day” deferring to the time period of post Israel reformation. Many Jews will finally realize Jesus is the Messiah Who has fulfilled so many prophesies." When we see this - then and every day as the Word is preacher throughout the world, look up for our salvation is neigh.

Your MG2A (2021, pg. 89) and MG2DD conducts a very detailed discussion referencing the Fog-of-War (FoW). If (when) we ourselves in a catastrophe instituted by a Black Swan, we will surely know because we shall understand like battle-field military intelligence specialist. Many will soon personally feel the spiritual calling from the Lord Almighty, the scales will fall from spiritually blind eyes, and you will begin to see the revelations foretold. Information you have available may be “incomplete, inaccurate, or contradictory,” and you must use the Prophecy Matrixes to pencil in intelligence data as it procures. Never say “never,” and always be ready to test the factors of life in the times of major earthly birth pangs.

Military doctrine includes seven (7) major Battlefield Operating Systems (BOS) functions a military force performs to execute operations successfully. When these are effectively managed, each BOS subordinate functional area (maneuver, fire support, air defense, command and control, intelligence, mobility and survivability, and combat service support) collectively helps ensure objectives' accomplishment. Needed intelligence will apply to information to decipher the times, but also, we must be able to gather, decipher, utilize, and transmit this intelligence.

Technological advancement led to increased military capacity to communicate over Amplitude-Modulated (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM) systems. The FM is the process of varying the frequency of a carrier wave, usually with an audio frequency, to convey intelligence. We are already in the advanced stages of the Beast Systems’ capability to control everything.

This infrastructure includes massive amounts of satellites ensuring total Internet control over every inch of the earth. Once the switch is flipped, the needed mechanism to control buying and selling will be in place. Then they will just need an enforced mark to identify willing acceptance. Our first priority Area of Bug-Out (AoB) is rapture with the Lord. If we miss the boat and find ourselves trying to decipher the foretold disappearance of millions of Christians, then be ready for a tough time in the Great Tribulation.

Lastly, back to the Jonah topology – perhaps we need to pull out the matrix of the story of Jonah and overlay. We must remember that after the sign of Jonah…there as a period of time (just like God uses periods of time like Moses and the 40 years, Jesus and the 40 days, etc), in which a grace period or testing period is given.

On 8 Apr 24 there will be a major slash of the right side of the x across America. There may be quite in Heaven as they await and see if America repents. See link for some additional insights.


Appreciate the available resources like the BR program as well as so many others which are helping sort through the FoG!

Key Source Codes: For further guidance on preparation, I highly recommend all to read these:

MG2A: The Military Guide to Armageddon (Giammona, Anderson, 2021). Chosen Books, Baker Publishing Group. Grand Rapids, MI.

MG2DD: The Military Guide to Disarming Deception (Giammona, Anderson, 2022): Battlefield Tactics to Expose the Enemy's Lies and Triumph in Truth. Chosen Books, Baker Publishing Group. Grand Rapids, MI.

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