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Thanks for that summary "On November 1, 2021, then Prince Charles, speaking at the COP 26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, called for a global 'fundamental economic transition' that is accomplished without the approval of sovereign nation-states, 'beyond even the governments of the world leaders.' He added that this transition would cost “trillions—not billions—of dollars” and would require a 'vast military-style campaign.'”

In that speech Prince Charles referred to a "HE" as an individual who has "trillions....at HIS disposal." Who is this HE Prince Charles referred to? Is it possible they all know who the coming A/C is? They have committed one of the greatest hoodwinks of history from Dominoe effect of 1913 Fed Reserve Act and now to redistribute over $30 trillion to a couple small entities. Thank and continue to lead the way for others to salvation.

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